Use Your Bathtub for Water Storage in an Emergency

Use your bathtub for water storage in an emergency Most people won’t think of using their bathtub for water storage in an emergency  but why not?  Everyone has some sort of tub in their house so why not use it for your benefit? I was surfing the internet sometime last year and came across the waterBOB. In […]

potassium permanganate

Alternative fire starting methods – Chemicals

Starting a fire using Glycerin and Potassium Permanganate Alternative fire starting methods should be in every survivalists bag of tricks. It’s no secret that you can start a fire without any matches, but do you know any?  We  have been starting fires since the dawn of creation without matches but how many methods do you know?  Did […]


DIY – How to boil water with rocks

How to boil water with rocks Did you know you can boil water with rocks?  I know what you saying this sounds crazy!!  The safest way to get drinkable water is obviously using some sort of water filtration.  If you don’t have any sort of filtration the next obvious method is by boiling water. You […]