DIY – How to boil water with rocks

How to boil water with rocks

Did you know you can boil water with rocks?  I know what you saying this sounds crazy!!  The safest way to get drinkable water is obviously using some sort of water filtration.  If you don’t have any sort of filtration the next obvious method is by boiling water.

Canvas Bucket to boil water in

Canvas Bucket to boil water in

You may not always have a pot to boil water in so this is where boiling water with rocks comes into play.  Everyone should have something like this collapsible, canvas water bucket in their bug out bag.  It’s extremely compact and lightweight and versatile.  it can be used to carry items you may come across  while foraging in the woods.  Another great use is to carry water from a stream as it holds 2 gallons.  Being that this bucket is made of canvas you can’t place it over a fire, but you can boil water with rocks.

This can be dangerous so you should always use care when attempting this method.  First you need to find some decent size stones that are no larger than your fist, but are solid and non-porous.  If you select stones that are porous and have cracks in them it’s possible that they already have water in them and as you heat the stones up they could explode.   Take your time and make sure you look the rocks over really well.  In all your going to want around 10 decent size stones.  Once you have collected them all you will need to wash them the best you can removing any dirt or debris that may be on the stones (unless you want dirty drinking water.).

Use smooth stones to boil water.

Use smooth stones to boil water.

Now that you have your clean stones, you want to place them along the side in the coals but not directly in the middle of the fire.  Again use extreme caution when doing this as the stones can explode and any sort of flying shrapnel isn’t fun.  While your stones are being heated you should take this time to find something to pull your rocks out of the coals once they are heated so you can drop them in the boiling water.  If you have tongs GREAT, but if not be resourceful but don’t try and grab the rocks or you will get burned.  You can use two sticks to pick up the rocks like chopsticks, but remember coals are hot, so make sure your sticks are long enough so you don’t get burned by the heat.

Once your stones have heated you should start dropping them into your bucket one at a time.  As you add each rock into the bucket, the water will draw the heat from the stones.  Keep adding your rocks to the water and you will want to make sure your water reaches a nice rolling boil so it kills off the bacteria.  Rule of thumb is let it boil for about 60 seconds.  Let the water cool and enjoy, or use it to make some hot tea, coffee, or anything else you may need the water for.

Depending on your container you may need to line your container to keep your stones from burning through.  Be resourceful and think what you may have around you.  Layers of large green leaves work great in this scenario.  Make sure they are cleaned and make sure they aren’t poison ivy or any other crazy leaf that will cause you to majorly regret later down the line.  Just remember as it boils it will add extra flavoring to your water so pick well what you use.

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